The CCM Solution

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Accurate Record Keeping

  • Keeping compliant with Medicare.
  • Extension of your practice.

Seamless Integration

  • Access real-time patient data.
  • A record of every conversation.
  • Secure Patient Portal provides access to data anytime.
  • Over 20 minutes of non face-to- face visits with your patients.
  • Schedule appointments.

Improved Medication Accuracy

  • 80% of medications are reported inaccurately.
  • CCM allows for honest conversation to improve patient health.

Seamless Technology

  • Caregiver access for seamless integration—even for patients who aren’t technologically capable.

Medicare Compliant

  • Capture CPT 99490 revenue.
  • We contact your patients every month for you.
  • Increase patient engagement.
  • Friendly, HIPAA certified, professionally-trained medical staff.
Chronic Pain Management


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