Net Monthly Proforma for Chronic Care Management

Medical Economics of CCM, Net to the practice.

Enrolled Patient Count


(potential monthly revenue assumes 50% enrollment and $69.19 avg gross revenue per patient)

Chronic Care Management

Double or Triple the Net Incomeof Your Practice Without AddingNew Patients, Without AddingStaff, and with Little or NoAdditional Investment...

  • Medicare CPT Code 99490 — Chronic Care Management (CCM) released in January 2015 provides a new stream of revenue of $18* or more per patient per month. *(national net average)
  • We provide Compliant Software to capture an electronic record of 20 minutes or more on non face-to-face visits with your patients.
  • Our software prepares an Annual Care Plan for your patients.
  • We provide the Software, Call Center, HIPAA Certified Medical Professionals, Detailed Electronic Files.
  • You have 24/7 electronic access to your patient files.
  • HUGE benefit to your patients. An extension of your practice services help patients feel more engaged.
  • We make sure the loop between patient and doctor is unbroken.

Capture The Revenue Sitting Out There Using Our System

Chronic Pain Management for Seniors

A Seamless Extension of Your Practice

  • No Software or Technology Fees.
  • Monthly, Recurring Revenue.
  • Accurate Record Keeping.
  • Have never failed a Medicare Audit.
  • We do all the heavy lifting for you

Here’s an example of what this can mean to your practice:
Just 500 Medicare patients enrolled can bring in an additional $108,000* or more per year, with no added work on your part!

*Amounts vary by State

The Chronic Care Management Solution

Accurate Record Keeping

  • Keeping compliant with Medicare.
  • Extension of your practice.

Seamless Integration

  • Access real-time patient data.
  • A record of every conversation.
  • Secure Patient Portal provides access to data anytime.
  • Over 20 minutes of non face-to- face visits with your patients.
  • Schedule appointments.

Improved Medication Accuracy

  • 80% of medications are reported inaccurately.
  • CCM allows for honest conversation to improve patient health.

Seamless Technology

  • Caregiver access for seamless integration—even for patients who aren’t technologically capable.

Medicare Compliant

  • Capture CPT 99490 revenue.
  • We contact your patients every month for you.
  • Increase patient engagement.
  • Friendly, HIPAA certified, professionally-trained medical staff.
Chronic Pain Management


Chronic Care Management Services

A Triple Play in baseball is a rare, magical moment when teamwork, skill and timing all combine to deliver a 1-2-3 punch to end the inning! The Altera HealthTec team has combined their skill with the right timing to offer a triple play to help get you out of this dreadful Covid-19 inning marathon and get you back in the game! The Altera HealthTec Triple Play Program combines Chronic Care Management/Remote Patient Monitoring/Medication Management to work together to give your practice that extra 1-2-3 punch to enhance patient care and substantially increase revenue to your practice. .

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Medication Management
  • Medicare CPT Code 99490 — Chronic Care Management (CCM) released in January 2015 provides a new stream of revenue of $42* or more per patient per month. *(national CMS average)
  • Our CMS compliant Software archives an electronic record of 20 minutes or more on non-face-to-face visits with your patients.
  • Provide an Annual Care Plan for your patients prepared by our software.
  • We provide the Software, Call Center, HIPAA Certified Medical Professionals, and Detailed Electronic Files for you as a comprehensive service.
  • Enjoy 24/7 electronic access to your patient files.
  • Our Care Coordination Team acts as an extension to your practice allowing your patients to feel more engaged and cared for.
  • We ensure the strong and trusted connection between patient and doctor remains unbroken.
Chronic Care Management Services

Just 300 Medicare patients enrolled could potentially bring in an additional $144,000** or more per year, when you outsource CCM to our team!

**Amounts vary by State

RPM is an easy and natural add-on to your CCM services for your Medicare patients. It is a great benefit to them in multiple ways. Your practice will also generate new streams of income through RPM.RPM uses digital technologies to collect physiologic health data from individuals in one location and electronically transmits that information securely to the health care provider in a different location for assessment and recommendations. Health professionals monitor patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan. This type of service allows a provider to continue to track healthcare data for a patient once released to home or a care facility, reducing acute care readmission rates.

Chronic Care Management

If you have CCM patients, they should be on an RPM program.

How do you know what your CCM patients are really taking?

Four out of five patients fail to mention important OTCs, skip doses, take family members medications, or use illicit drugs. These factors can lead to misdiagnosis, dangerous adverse drug events, and contribute to 100,000 deaths annually. Relying on a report from the pharmacy is only half of the battle. Through our lab partners, we mitigate these issues with our next-generation precision urine testing. Results include a full report that automatically flags inconsistencies for your CCM team.

Chronic Pain Management for Seniors

Chronic Care Management Services

Elevate Your Patient Care. Generate New Revenue. A Triple Play.

We offer: Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Regenerative Biologics, Medication Management, Behavior Health Screenings, Diagnostic Lab Services, Pain Management Services.

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