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Pain Management Services California

Long-term relief from Chronic  Migraine Pain Now Available!

Many millions of Americans suffer from episodic & chronic migraine and cluster headaches, resulting in an estimated 150 million work days lost every year, costing Americans over $10 Billion in direct costs, annually.

Additionally, atypical facial pain, pain from failed dental procedures, and trigeminal neuralgia result in untold additional suffering nationally and world-wide.

Pain Management Services California


  • The SphenoCath® Solution
  • How It Works
  • Higher Success, Lower Risk 
  • Low-Cost and Insurance-Friendly

Medical science has attempted to “reset” chaotic signal impulse conduction in the Sphenopalatine Ganglion(SPG) for over 100 years. SPG/V2 neuralgia has been linked to painful conditions such as episodic and chronic migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, upper plate dental pain, and a typical facial neuropathies.

  • This simple procedure is effective in providing immediate and long-term relief from SPG/PPG and V2 related conditions! (Central Dysautonomia).
  • The SphenoCath® is an FDA-registered Class-1 transnasal drug delivery device.
  • Careful tracking of procedural endeavors throughout the U.S. has shown exceptional patient tolerance and no reported severe adverse events or reactions.
  • Practitioners across the U.S. have reported procedural efficacy of over 50% reduction in VAS [Visual Analog Scale] for greater than 80% of their patients.
Pain Management Services Solvang

  • The SphenoCath® delivers a local anesthetic to the sphenopalatine ganglion group (SPG) of nerves in the back of the nasal cavity.
  • The anesthetic is delivered using a thin, soft, flexible catheter inserted through the nostril, without the use of needles, cotton swabs, or harsh medications.
  • SphenoCath® revolutionized how SPG blocks are delivered, eliminating discomfort to make the procedure safe, fast and comfortable.
  • The procedure is fast (2–5 minutes), with minimal recovery (15 minutes) and can be performed in-office by any trained medical professional.
  • Most patients experience immediate relief from headache pain.
Pain Management Services Solvang
Pain Management Services Solvang
  • Medical professionals trained in the procedure report success rates as high as 94
  • SphenoCath® procedure is low risk and effective for patients of all ages, including pregnant women, with minimal to no side effects.
  • Provides long-lasting relief for most types of headache pain.
  • It’s an alternative to Botox.
Pain Management Services California
  • Most insurance companies, and Medicare, cover the procedure. 
  • In most patients, the SphenoCath® procedure eliminates the need for expensive migraine narcotics. 
  • A typical SphenoCath® procedure costs no more than one month of migraine meds, but  lasts three to four times longer.

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