Chronic Care Management (CCM)

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  • Medicare CPT Code 99490 — Chronic Care Management (CCM) released in January 2015 provides a new stream of revenue of $42* or more per patient per month. *(national CMS average)
  • Our CMS compliant Software archives an electronic record of 20 minutes or more on non-face-to-face visits with your patients.
  • Provide an Annual Care Plan for your patients prepared by our software.
  • We provide the Software, Call Center, HIPAA Certified Medical Professionals, and Detailed Electronic Files for you as a comprehensive service.
  • Enjoy 24/7 electronic access to your patient files.
  • Our Care Coordination Team acts as an extension to your practice allowing your patients to feel more engaged and cared for.
  • We ensure the strong and trusted connection between patient and doctor remains unbroken.
Chronic Care Management Services

Just 300 Medicare patients enrolled could potentially bring in an additional $144,000** or more per year, when you outsource CCM to our team!

**Amounts vary by State