Pharmanex Benefits and Expectations

Author: Altera HealthTec |

  • Measure and Track

    Measure and Track

    With the Biophotonic scanner you are now able to measure and track patient's nutritional health, offering simple solutions for improvement and accountability.

  • Done For You Start Up

    Done For You Start Up

    We provide the full onboarding and set up for implementation, training, follow up, and fulfillment systems for a successful fast start.

  • Predictable RMR Income

    Predictable RMR Income

    Consistent and sustainable RMR (Reoccurring Monthly Revenue). Clinics net approximately $10,000 per month with just 200 patients.

  • Branded Company Website

    Branded Company Website

    Operations and patient management is a snap with your own company branded micro-website. Patients can see their information and manage their account with full product catalogue, previous screenings and online orders. Maximize patient experience with minimal staff resources.

  • Automated Follow Up Systems

    Automated Follow Up Systems

    Included with your investment is our fully automated patient campaigns for growing your business and giving the best customer experience. We can include birthday greetings, reminders for next scan, and many other health related messages.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    It's not bragging if its true. Name one other nutraceutical manufacture who is so confident of their product they guarantee results? Better yet, name me one who can measure the results? If your patient is using one of the many certified products and their score does not increase after 60 days, they are entitled to a full refund.