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Pain Management Services California

Migraine/Facial Pain

Many of your patients suffer from migraines and/or facial pain. You can offer relief to them with a highly innovative and effective solution that stops migraines and facial pain in their tracks.

Pain Management Services Solvang

Regenerative Biologics

Stem cell and tissue engineering therapies provide a novel capability to regenerate large defects in periodontal tissue, alveolar bone, and ultimately replace the lost tooth itself.

Pain Management Services California

Nitric Oxide Support

Better blood flow throughout the body can lead to better blood flow to the mouth and gums

Pain Management Services Solvang

DNA Testing

Better overall health leads to better oral care. Our DNA kit helps your patients clearly understand what they should DO for exercise to achieve optimal wellness; what they should EAT for optimal health; and what they should TAKE for supplements to build a strong mind and body.

Pain Management Services California

CBD Products

The highest quality grade products on the market, with proven results. Our products provide the natural solutions that are known to work. Helps manage discomforts. Regulates sleep and appetite. Improves resistance to common infections. Reduces everyday stress and mental strain caused by demanding circumstances, and has a calming effect.